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I was born in the north during the first half of the last century and became a Texan in 1976. Actually I figure I've always been a Texan, just didn't get to live here till 76.

Very few people can identify the moment they knew what they were going to do with the rest of their life, I remember my moment clearly. It was 7th grade study hall which was located in the school cafeteria. My best friend always sat across the table from me. One day I noticed he had a Mad magazine where his homework usually sat, and he was diligently drawing on a sheet of paper one of the cartoons from the magazine. It looked pretty neat, and I didn't have anything to do either, so I asked if I could try to draw something. He pulled out one of the pages and slid it to me.  A handy 3 x 5 card served as my canvas and a No. 2 pencil was my brush. It took most of the hour to finish the simple line drawing, and when I sat back to admire my masterpiece I was struck with how awful it was. My friend and I compared our attempts and he had won hands down.

You may be wondering how this total failure brought me to that magical moment. Well, the end of class bell rang as we were critiquing our work. Everybody else was up and running with their arms full of books. AND THEN IT HAPPENED!! The most beautiful girl I had ever seen (she sat at the far end of my row of tables) was now standing right behind me. Her words sealed my future. She said, while looking at my drawing, "That's really good, can I have it?" I managed to fumble it into her hand and said "Sure, I'll draw you another one tomorrow." So I drew her another, and another, and another.  

After that first love had ended, and a thousand "art attempts" as I called them, were under my belt, people around me started referring to me as an artist. So here I am, still being called an artist, and loving being one. I've been blessed with some talent, and have been fortunate to make a living at what I love to do.  I have also been blessed with a daughter. She's rather artsy, but in a different venue. She does the makeup that makes the actors in movies and TV who and what they are. That ranges from normal, to BAZAAR.

Now I live in the country and own a custom frame shop and art gallery in the small town of Sulphur Springs.  I named it Texas Art and Frame.

All artists want the viewer to think that what they create reflects something beautiful. Media doesn't matter. If you like my stuff, thanks.